Year in Review

Many apologies for the lack of attention to our good old fashion website. We hope our social media performance has been more entertaining and informative.

It has been a year from when we decided to roll the dice and do this thing. I think I’m happy to say we did. I want to say thank you to everyone who gave us feedback from all channels. Without your perspectives and insight we could not give you the best. I want to say thank you to my family for your unending motivation and encouragement. And I want to say thank you to a community that has embraced us and been patient with our development. 

Waffle of the Month  

When we opened, we needed a fun addition to your regular breakfast menu, and we happened upon this waffle maker that fit the bill. For a while we experimented with our custom mix and staple variations. We soon challenged ourselves to create a calender of waffles.

April: Fruity Pebbles Waffle with Strawberries & Raspberry Whipped Cream

March: Espresso Guinness Waffle with Bailey’s Whipped Cream

February: Red Velvet Waffle with Chcocolate & Strawberries

January: Raspberry Mimosa Waffle


If y’all didnt know or still don’t, for the past year we have sourced all our coffee from North River Roasters, a company that hit the ground running a short time before we did. We wanted to bring you a close to home, hand crafted quality, and there is none better we could have offered. Now you can buy whole beans at the shop, or subscribe for a discounted rate if you really love it. Check them out regardless, all their coffee is Fair Trade and Organic.

North River Roasters
We have much more in this coming year planned, and we can’t wait to keep rolling out new waffles and coffee for everyone.