Something Brewing

We started getting our hands on a few things to begin our collection of equipment. The counter top is nearly done, pending some more resin to square away a beautiful finish. We got our hands on some of our furniture as well, which also needs a touch of the DIY treatment.

As you may be beginning to tell, I am a very hands on type of person. I like to imagine everything could be made by hand whenever possible. The kitchen floor, the counter, tables, and more all seem worthy of being built by my hands (and a few supporting hands). I want this perspective to also translate into the quality of our products. I want our food and drink to look and taste as good as our efforts reflect through our craftsmanship. Not only a good cup of coffee, but possibly the best.

Every week we get closer to our goal of bringing great food and drink to Main Street Poughkeepsie. If all continues to go well, we will be up and running in no time. Next up on the agenda, we continue to build our inventory, and begin to transform the exterior. I know you are bummed that we will be changing the wonderful pea green/teal store front you have come to know and love, but here is a taste of what it might look like when we are done.


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