Seeing Red

Today marks the first day I dive in 100% to building the shop. We moved into the front of the house and began painting our white brick wall back to a more natural red.

It took about six hours and 10 hands total to get in between the mortar cracks and complete the wall. “You missed a spot,” was the joke of the day, and you can feel free to use it at your will when you come to visit. You know your did well choosing a color palette when the lady who mixes them for you lends a splendid remark like, “These colors kick ass! So cozy.”

Nothing rhymes with orange.

As we wait for the building permit, we are doing everything we can to prepare. We started with removing the grease saturated floor tiles, revealing a floor that desperately needs replacing. We removed all the wall mounted racks and patched all the holes in front and on the kitchen. 

Here you can watch the first coat of paint in the kitchen transform the hot dog orange color back to white! A big shout out to Kevin and RP for coming down to help.

Heart and Soul Dog

The space we acquired makes deep connections with all of us. The former tenants (Soul Dog), the art, the lessor all give us back a supremely positive vibe.   

As a kid I had this dream of traveling the world in search of the greatest hot dog known to man. Ridiculous, yes, but taking over Soul Dog’s residency make me feel good about the building’s history, and they did make a damn good dog.
The art was vinyl stickers of work by Keith Harring, world rebound street artist. I’ve always been a personal fan of him, let alone street art/graffiti in general. I may be known for slapping a sticker here or there from time to time.

Overall I couldn’t be more excited for his undertaking. Today we are clearing out the basement (which looks a lot like a dungeon). Also beginning to clean the grease that has piled up in the kitchen. That area I can see being our biggest hurdle to jump, cleaning and building it to our specifications. 

Stay tuned and well hydrated, the coffee is coming!