Just another day on..

The Grind is and is not just that. A job to be done and a dream come true.

Coffee has been a staple in my daily routine from my earliest memories, adding cream and sugar to handle the bold taste. One of my first jobs was barista at a knockoff Starbucks (truck stops are parallel universes). Liquid attention had me hooked early and transformed a blossoming study in business to a life long passion to be included in caffeinated culture. After too many cafe rendezvous and heated discussions on what a “real latte” was, I knew I had to run my own coffee shop.

I built a personal history around making something from an unlikely something; a few hundred dollars from a long wait in line, chairs from used skateboards, a 10+ year career developing fellow business owners from a part-time sales position. I aim to take everything I have learned thus far and create a community focused coffee shop for Poughkeepsie, NY.

Work hard, give back, empower others.

These lessons I will always remember and embrace, as I work to service not only, a passion for coffee and a damn good breakfast sandwich, but my community. I am pledging three hours of every week durring the development of this brand and vision to cleaning up the city I need to support me and my dream.

So it is on, it has always been.

Just another day on the Grind.